Wholesale Program

Are you looking to improve your selection of nursing clothes?

Why Milk Closet?

◦Our clothing is dedicated to providing affordable nursing wear that Moms actually want to wear.

◦We are focused on the functional properties of apparel, to include components of fit, material comfort, visibility of design features, and ease-of-use.

◦Milk Closet is committed to helping Moms achieve their personal goals for breastfeeding.   We believe the #1 obstacle to buying nursing wear is the cost.  That’s why we strive to be the most affordable, but still high quality, nursing wear on the market.

Committed to your Success

◦50/50 retail/wholesale pricing

◦Low MOQ of 10 pieces – any styles, any sizes

◦Free Shipping

◦90-day buy-back guarantee.  If you have remaining overhead 90-days after hitting your shelves, and are not confident it will sell, we will buy it all back

◦At your request, we will send you a custom retailer kit to drive sales

◦Retailers can offer the same promotions available on our site and we’ll share it with you to keep it fair.

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