Affordable and Stylish!


Nursing wear should not be an obstacle to continued breastfeeding

Owner of Milk Closet with her four breastfed babies!

Milk Closet is committed to helping you achieve your personal goals for breastfeeding.  We understand both the functional and symbolic properties needed to make the best and most affordable nursing wear available anywhere.  In addition to ease-of-use, material comfort, and design features, we believe the #1 obstacle to buying nursing wear is the cost.  That’s why we strive to be the most affordable (but still high quality) nursing wear on the market!

Amy Szwejbka, Owner of Milk Closet, is a mother of 4 breastfed babies, as well as a 10-year Mother/Baby and NICU RN, and a lactation educator. The heart and soul of Milk Closet, Amy is committed to developing nursing wear that makes you look and feel beautiful and confident, but doesn’t look like obvious or frumpy nursing wear! After nursing her 4 babies, she noticed there was nothing available for nursing Mom’s that was affordable stylish.  A few months post-partum, she didn’t want to have to wear ill fit maternity clothes anymore, so she created Milk Closet to help develop and manufacturer “nursing wear that doesn’t look like nursing wear.” Every Mom can feel attractive and self-assured when breastfeeding…the way you should feel!

As an expert in the field of lactation education, Amy wanted to create more than just a store where nursing mom’s could simply get the latest fashions; she wanted to create a community that offers access to all the best resources on breastfeeding.  No other store offers anything like it!  Every resource posted, and every piece of apparel offered, is hand-selected by someone that has coached thousands of women how to breastfeed.